Leaderboard - Final Positions and Category Rankings

after 7 days of competition

"All Competitors" positions shown below are for information only; rankings in prize-winning categories may rely on other information that is not displayed here. "Youth" status shown for clarification.

All Competitors

Name Speed (kts) Craft Type Status Country
1st Simon Cofield 31.368 Sailboard Pro-Fleet England
2nd Kevin Greenslade 30.627 Sailboard Pro-Fleet England
3rd Patrick Van Hoof 30.491 Sailboard Pro-Fleet Belgium
4th Jim Crossley 29.834 Sailboard Pro-Fleet England
5th Leigh Kingaby 29.808 Sailboard Pro-Fleet England
6th Simon Pettifer 29.575 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
7th Anders Bjorkqvist 28.748 Sailboard Pro-Fleet Sweden
8th Nick Beaney 28.738 Sailboard Pro-Fleet England
9th David Williams 28.541 Kite Board Kite-Fleet England
10th John Oliver 28.491 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
11th Zara Davis 28.234 Sailboard Pro-Fleet England
12th Grant Cottrell 28.208 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
13th Dave White 27.995 Sailboard Pro-Fleet England
14th Garry Connell 27.888 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
15th James Battye 27.685 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
16th Matthew York 27.405 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
17th James Andrew 27.349 Kite Board Kite-Fleet England
18th Martin Carter 27.210 Kite Board Kite-Fleet England
19th Tony Attfield 27.130 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
20th Simon Chippington 26.866 Sailboard Amateur England
21st Gavin Furmenger 26.847 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
22nd Mark Ingram 26.839 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
23rd Kacper Wozniak 26.801 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
24th Paul Sibley 26.641 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
25th Andrew Finlay 26.600 Sailboard Amateur England
26th Russell Clark 26.411 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
27th George Fulton 26.259 Sailboard Amateur England
28th James Peck 26.206 Sailboard Amateur England
29th Dave Strudwick 26.162 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
30th Jenna Gibson 25.839 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
31st Jean-Marc De Bruyne 25.750 Sailboard Pro-Fleet Belgium
32nd Shaun Cook 25.595 Sailboard Pro-Fleet England
33rd Neil Hardwick 25.496 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
34th Fraser Brown 25.275 Kite Board Kite-Fleet New Zealand
35th Robin Russell 25.209 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
36th Gavin Nicholson 25.115 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
37th Russell Clark 25.088 Boat Boat-Fleet England
38th Sarah Jackson 24.995 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
39th Bob Spagnoletti 24.952 Sailboard Amateur England
40th Peter Crosby 24.873 Sailboard Amateur England
41st Nic Dodd 24.743 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
42nd Jason Sawyer 24.682 Sailboard Amateur England
43rd Bob Cartridge 24.592 Sailboard Amateur England
44th Gary Platt 24.376 Sailboard Amateur England
45th Bill Robinson 23.766 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
46th Simon Thompson 23.463 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
47th Stephen Sugden 23.328 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
48th Chris Cleland 23.144 Sailboard Amateur England
49th Steve Watson 22.967 Sailboard Amateur England
50th Scotty Stallman 22.753 Sailboard Youth England
51st Simon Cave 22.682 Sailboard Amateur England
52nd Emile Jan Burnaby Lautier 22.348 Kite Board Kite-Fleet Netherlands
53rd Emile Burnaby Lautier 22.116 Kite Board Kite-Fleet Netherlands
54th Adrian Wallis 21.934 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
55th Sam Ross 21.760 Sailboard Pro-Fleet England
56th Rob Dunn 21.145 Sailboard Amateur England
57th Trevor Whatford 21.098 Sailboard Amateur England
58th Paul Larsen 20.785 Boat Boat-Fleet England
59th Thomas Eskdale 20.574 Sailboard Gold-Fleet England
60th Tyler Baker 19.990 Sailboard Youth England
61st Sam Anstey 19.924 Sailboard Youth England
62nd Richard Trubger 19.904 Kite Board Kite-Fleet England
63rd Mark Salvage 19.648 Sailboard Amateur England
64th Claude Van-Martyn 19.085 Sailboard Amateur Guernsey
65th Tania Mertens 18.839 Sailboard Amateur Belgium
66th Christine Daffe 18.634 Sailboard Amateur Belgium
67th Patricia Flecks 18.562 Sailboard Amateur England
68th James Faley 18.484 Sailboard Youth England
69th Sarah Sibley 17.848 Sailboard Amateur England
70th Martin Allman 15.811 Sailboard Amateur England
71st Andy Harris 13.195 Sailboard Amateur England
72nd Michael Barton 09.509 Boat Boat-Fleet England
73rd Alan Blundell 05.362 Boat Boat-Fleet England
74th Malcom Barnsley 04.427 Boat Boat-Fleet England

Overall Winners by Category

Prizes were awarded by the Mayor of Portland, Sandy West.

Overall Fastest Kite

Name Speed (kts)
1st David Williams 28.541
2nd James Andrew 27.349
3rd Martin Carter 27.210

Overall Fastest Boat

Name Speed (kts)
1st Russell Clark 25.088
2nd Paul Larsen 20.785
3rd Michael Barton 09.509

Overall Fastest Sailboard

Name Status Speed (kts)
1st Simon Cofield Pro-Fleet 31.368
2nd Kevin Greenslade Pro-Fleet 30.627
3rd Patrick Van Hoof Pro-Fleet 30.491



Overall Fastest Lady

Name Craft Type Speed (kts)
1st Zara Davis Sailboard 28.234
2nd Jenna Gibson Sailboard 25.839
3rd Sarah Jackson Sailboard 24.995

TD1 6131

Overall Fastest Lady, Zara Davis


Youth Fleet Sailboard

Name Speed (kts)
1st Scotty Stallman 22.753
2nd Tyler Baker 19.990
3rd Sam Anstey 19.924

First Time Sailboard

Name Speed (kts)
1st Simon Chippington 26.866
2nd George Fulton 26.259
3rd Jason Sawyer 24.682

 NB. results were updated after the event following a review of Simon's missing runs.

Amateur Sailboard

Name Speed (kts)
1st Andrew Finlay 26.600
2nd James Peck 26.206
3rd Bob Spagnoletti 24.952

Gold Fleet Sailboard

Name Speed (kts)
1st Simon Pettifer 29.575
2nd John Oliver 28.491
3rd Grant Cottrell 28.208

TD1 6129 

Simon and Grant, first and third in Gold Fleet Sailboard



Pro-Fleet Sailboard

Name Speed (kts)
1st Simon Cofield 31.368
2nd Kevin Greenslade 30.627
3rd Patrick Van Hoof 30.491



Women's Fleet Sailboard

Name Craft Type Speed (kts)
1st Jenna Gibson Sailboard 25.839
2nd Sarah Jackson Sailboard 24.995
3rd Tania Mertens Sailboard 18.839
(Women excluding Professional)

TD1 6136

Women's Fleet winners, Jenna, Sarah and Tania with the Overall Fastest Lady, Zara Davis

First Time Kite Board Fleet

Name Speed (kts)
1st Emile Jan Burnaby Lautier 22.348

Kite Board Fleet

Name Speed (kts)
1st David Williams 28.541
2nd James Andrew 27.349
3rd Martin Carter 27.210

 TD1 6141


Boat Fleet

Name Speed (kts)
1st Russell Clark 25.088
2nd Paul Larsen 20.785
3rd Michael Barton 09.509

 TD1 6143

Group Results (non-prize)

HM Forces

Name Craft Type Speed (kts)
1st Russell Clark Sailboard 26.411
2nd Dave Strudwick Sailboard 26.162
3rd Gavin Nicholson Sailboard 25.115
4th Russell Clark Boat 25.088
5th Nic Dodd Sailboard 24.743
6th Jason Sawyer Sailboard 24.682
7th Simon Cave Sailboard 22.682
8th Adrian Wallis Sailboard 21.934
9th Rob Dunn Sailboard 21.145
10th Thomas Eskdale Sailboard 20.574
11th Andy Harris Sailboard 13.195

Portland Pirates

Grouping Name Speed (kts)
1st Portland Pirates Jim Crossley 29.834
2nd Portland Pirates Scotty Stallman 22.753

Surf Hogs

Grouping Name Start Time Speed (kts)
1st Surf Hogs John Oliver 10:20:50 28.491
2nd Surf Hogs Robin Russell 10:34:44 25.209
3rd Surf Hogs Peter Crosby 14:30:26 24.873
4th Surf Hogs Gary Platt 10:15:33 24.376
5th Surf Hogs Steve Watson 13:12:32 22.967


Grouping Name Start Time Speed (kts)
1st Twb Simon Cofield 10:02:15 31.368
2nd Twb Dave White 13:58:22 27.995
3rd Twb Shaun Cook 13:14:45 25.595
4th Twb Sarah Jackson 13:59:09 24.995

Hamworthy Heroes

Grouping Name Start Time Speed (kts)
1st Hamworthy Heroes Simon Pettifer 10:10:09 29.575
2nd Hamworthy Heroes Garry Connell 10:31:51 27.888
3rd Hamworthy Heroes Tony Attfield 14:42:12 27.130
4th Hamworthy Heroes Gavin Furmenger 13:58:46 26.847

"All Sailboards" positions shown below are for information only; rankings in prize-winning categories may rely on other information that is not displayed here. "Youth" status shown for clarification.

All Sailboards

Name Status First Timer Speed (kts)
1st Simon Cofield Pro-Fleet No 31.368
2nd Kevin Greenslade Pro-Fleet No 30.627
3rd Patrick Van Hoof Pro-Fleet No 30.491
4th Jim Crossley Pro-Fleet No 29.834
5th Leigh Kingaby Pro-Fleet No 29.808
6th Simon Pettifer Gold-Fleet No 29.575
7th Anders Bjorkqvist Pro-Fleet No 28.748
8th Nick Beaney Pro-Fleet No 28.738
9th John Oliver Gold-Fleet No 28.491
10th Zara Davis Pro-Fleet No 28.234
11th Grant Cottrell Gold-Fleet No 28.208
12th Dave White Pro-Fleet No 27.995
13th Garry Connell Gold-Fleet No 27.888
14th James Battye Gold-Fleet No 27.685
15th Matthew York Gold-Fleet No 27.405
16th Tony Attfield Gold-Fleet No 27.130
17th Simon Chippington Amateur Yes 26.866
18th Gavin Furmenger Gold-Fleet No 26.847
19th Mark Ingram Gold-Fleet No 26.839
20th Kacper Wozniak Gold-Fleet No 26.801
21st Paul Sibley Gold-Fleet No 26.641
22nd Andrew Finlay Amateur No 26.600
23rd Russell Clark Gold-Fleet No 26.411
24th George Fulton Amateur Yes 26.259
25th James Peck Amateur No 26.206
26th Dave Strudwick Gold-Fleet No 26.162
27th Jenna Gibson Gold-Fleet No 25.839
28th Jean-Marc De Bruyne Pro-Fleet No 25.750
29th Shaun Cook Pro-Fleet No 25.595
30th Neil Hardwick Gold-Fleet No 25.496
31st Robin Russell Gold-Fleet No 25.209
32nd Gavin Nicholson Gold-Fleet No 25.115
33rd Sarah Jackson Gold-Fleet No 24.995
34th Bob Spagnoletti Amateur No 24.952
35th Peter Crosby Amateur No 24.873
36th Nic Dodd Gold-Fleet No 24.743
37th Jason Sawyer Amateur Yes 24.682
38th Bob Cartridge Amateur Yes 24.592
39th Gary Platt Amateur No 24.376
40th Bill Robinson Gold-Fleet No 23.766
41st Simon Thompson Gold-Fleet No 23.463
42nd Stephen Sugden Gold-Fleet No 23.328
43rd Chris Cleland Amateur Yes 23.144
44th Steve Watson Amateur No 22.967
45th Scotty Stallman Youth No 22.753
46th Simon Cave Amateur Yes 22.682
47th Adrian Wallis Gold-Fleet No 21.934
48th Sam Ross Pro-Fleet No 21.760
49th Rob Dunn Amateur No 21.145
50th Trevor Whatford Amateur No 21.098
51st Thomas Eskdale Gold-Fleet No 20.574
52nd Tyler Baker Youth No 19.990
53rd Sam Anstey Youth No 19.924
54th Mark Salvage Amateur No 19.648
55th Claude Van-Martyn Amateur No 19.085
56th Tania Mertens Amateur No 18.839
57th Christine Daffe Amateur No 18.634
58th Patricia Flecks Amateur No 18.562
59th James Faley Youth No 18.484
60th Sarah Sibley Amateur Yes 17.848
61st Martin Allman Amateur No 15.811
62nd Andy Harris Amateur No 13.195

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