This is a list of those who have registered on the website to compete in this year's event. If you believe you have entered and your details are not showing, or are not correct, then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us. Confirmation of payment is done manually and may be delayed a few days after funds have cleared.

Payments last checked:  12:00 16/8/2022

Registered Competitors

Name Craft Status Entry Confirmed Ref for bank payment
Robin RussellSailboardGold-FleetAll WeekNoU156/E193
Garry ConnellSailboardPro-FleetAll WeekNoU265/E192
Emile Burnaby LautierKiteboardKite-FleetAll WeekNoU157/E191
Eddie MarshSailboardAmateurAll WeekNoU623/E190
Peter CrosbySailboardGold-FleetAll WeekYESU319/E189
Thomas HarrisonSailboardAmateurAll WeekYESU487/E188
Richard CrosbySailboardGold-FleetAll WeekYESU374/E187
George FultonSailboardGold-FleetAll WeekYESU622/E186
Simon SandersonWingboardWing-FleetAll WeekYESU619/E185
Andrew TwinnSailboardGold-FleetAll WeekNoU423/E184
Andy STUART-WILLIAMSailboardGold-FleetAll WeekNoU434/E183
Simon PettiferSailboardPro-FleetAll WeekYESU445/E182
james longmuirKiteboardKite-FleetAll WeekNoU305/E181
Christine DAFFESailboardAmateurAll WeekYESU399/E180
neil thompsonKiteboardKite-FleetAll WeekNoU390/E179
Steve ThompsonSailboardAmateurAll WeekYESU296/E178
matthew yorkSailboardGold-FleetAll WeekNoU86/E177
Ian HillSailboardGold-FleetAll WeekYESU90/E176
Jean-Marc De BruyneSailboardPro-FleetAll WeekYESU162/E175
Michael GeorgeSailboardPro-FleetAll WeekYESU200/E171